Is Walter White coming back in “Better Call Saul” final season?

Since the start of the Breaking Bad spin-off series there are been rumours and hope to see Bryan Cranston coming back once again to play the blue meth kingpin. Now that we are going into the final season of the show, is Walter White really making his return? And how?

It was 2015 -not even two years after the end of Breaking Bad– when Better Call Saul first kicked in, with a haunting ghost in the background: live up to its predecessor and some extremely high expectations. After a rather slow start with the first season, the series literally exploded, improving episode after episode and getting to the point of being considered even better than BrBa. There is always been a query, though, during all these years: where are Jesse and Walter in all of this? Are they ever going to show up at some point, in a remote corner of Albuquerque? We all know that in the timeline narrated in Better Call Saul Walter is nothing more than a high school teacher, so his presence in the series would basically be almost irrelevant and just pure fan-service.

However, Bryan Cranston recently stated that if Peter Gould or Vince Gilligan wanted him in the series he “will do it in a second”, bringing renewed enthusiasm in the fans willing to see Walter once again in the Breaking Bad universe. This doesn’t mean he would return as a regular in the series, though: the best option would be for a cameo at some point during the last season, to not denaturalise Walt’s character evolution. We could get a glimpse on his common everyday life, then, maybe as he washes Saul’s car at the car wash or a casual encounter between the two of them.

This cameo, though, should be something meaningful and not just something thrown into the series just to pleasure the fans, but I’m sure Gilligan wants that, too, and he won’t bend his will to mere fan-service. There is a second, more fascinating option for Walter White to come back in Better Call Saul: this option would be set in the timeline when we see Saul, or Mr. Gene Takovic, hiding himself in Omaha after abandoning his lawyer life . This timeline is always shown in black and white and it is unspecified when it takes place: it could be one or two years after the events of Breaking Bad, it could be more or it could be even less than that.

We don’t know, then, if in this timeline Walt is alive or dead. Indeed, Saul could be scared of a potential retaliation from Heisenberg himself after leaving him helpless in the final events of Breaking Bad, since Walt had threatened Saul before, preventing him from ending their business relationship. We don’t really know much about Walter’s journey back to New Mexico from New Hampshire, so he could have easily taken a detour to pay a visit to Mr. Takovic, after finding out his hideout: this would give us the chance to see a final clash between these two characters. What could happen, though? Is Walt going to apologise to Saul for his past behaviours? Is he going to try to kill him? We will leave these questions to be answered by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan: a return of Bryan Cranston as Walter White, though, appears to become more and more plausible.

Would you like to see Walter White coming back to Better Call Saul? What would you like him to do during the last season of Better Call Saul? Share your ideas and thoughts with me in the comments section!
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