Is Walter White coming back in “Better Call Saul” final season?

Since the start of the Breaking Bad spin-off series there are been rumours and hope to see Bryan Cranston coming back once again to play the blue meth kingpin. Now that we are going into the final season of the show, is Walter White really making his return? And how?

Could “Black Widow” be the start of a trilogy?

The upcoming Black Widow film starring Scarlett Johannson, Florence Pough and David Harbour will be the first standalone dedicated to the first female superhero introduced into The Avengers. With Scarlett Johannson seemingly not willing to give up the role any time soon, could this film mark the start of a trilogy dedicated to her character?

Stranger Things: could THAT character be a clone?

As production on Netflix series Stranger Things is paused due to Covid-19 emergency, fans are coming up with theories about what is going to happen during season 4 and what is going to be the future of the main characters after the ending of last season. Be wary that there will be spoilers throughout the article, so if you haven't watched season 3 (and you should...) don't go on with the reading!