WandaVision ep 3 – Home: It’s Where You Make It

Here we are with the weekly appointment dedicated to the review of the new episode of WandaVision. After the first two episodes released last week things are getting serious, and the creepiness is always more the master of the screen. Let’s analyse episode #3 together!

“Home: It’s where you make it.” There’s no better sentence to summarise the latest episode of WandaVision and, more generally, the universe of the series. Let’s go with order though, and start from the beginning. After the ending of episode 2 colours are back for good, and from this point on everything will be “Now In Colours”. The same can’t be said for the direction, though: while the first two episodes followed the typical schemes of the classic sitcoms style of direction, this third episode starts taking more distance from them, moving towards a current style. The costumes and the look of the characters are still typical of the 70s, though, and the sitcom situations are still strongly present for almost the whole length of the episode, with an even more accentuated contrast between serene and extremely tense scenes. These last ones are progressively getting more and more asphyxiating, with a couple of moment that almost touch pure horror. All these elements put together are the sign that the idyllic picture that these first episode showed us is constantly cracking, as always more characters show signs of conscious awareness. An awareness that corrodes Wanda’s perfect creation, no matter how hard she tries to keep it that way.

During this episode, indeed, we have the almost definitive confirmation that the inhabitants of Westview are actually trapped in this “bubble” created by Wanda. The fans of the comics know very well that Wanda’s powers consist in the ability of manipulating reality itself and, as her powers grow and evolve, she is even able of creating a new reality. from scratch. It is getting almost clear that what we see it’s not just inside her head: she is literally absorbing parts of the real world in this new reality created by her, where she can have the perfect life she was longing for. As we get to see more of the actual town after being confined in rather small environments during the first two episodes, it is safe to assume that the bubble is expanding, absorbing more and more of the real world. This time, the advertisement inside this episode itself doesn’t recall one of the traumatic experiences of Wanda’s life, but hints at the fact that she created this apparently perfect vision for herself.

Escape to a world all your own, where your problems float away.
When you wanna get away, but you don’t wanna go anywhere.
Hydra Soak. Find the Goddess within.

One of the key themes of the episode is Wanda’s sudden and quick pregnancy: during the space of few hours she jumps from being four months pregnant to actually giving birth to two twins, a not so subtle foreshadowing of her twin brother, Pietro. Pietro’s name will be actually mentioned by Geraldine/Monica Rambeau, along with Ultron, two names that will crack Wanda’s peace of mind: the scene of the confrontation between her and Geraldine is the absolute climax of the episode and is one of the two moments of maximum tension of it. Geraldine is an intruder in Wanda’s bubble, so this means that people can get in it without Wanda knowing about it, but this doesn’t prevent her to expel them whenever she wants. The other moment of tension I was talking about is Vision’s sudden and unexpected realisation that something is wrong, which is quickly deleted and rewound by Wanda in a blink of an eye, to highlight how her powers are still growing.

The two mentioned moments of tension will collide in the ending of the episode: while Vision is more and more acquiring awareness because of Agnes and another neighbour’s strange behaviour, Wanda throws Monica back into the real world where everything becomes finally current: direction, picture and aspect ratio are those seen in every Marvel movie, to stretch the extremely high quality and budget put on the line for this (and future) series. Swarm of S.W.OR.D. agents arrive at the scene where Geraldine lands, just outside the bubble in front of the Westview sign. A bubble that it is indeed expanding and yet is showing symptoms of being a fragile balance that is showing the first signs of collapse, just as Wanda shows the first signs of madness. The scene where she lies to Vision about Geraldine with an empty gaze and an almost psychopathic smile – just in front of her twin children- is pure gold, and is only foreshadowing the bad things that are about to happen.

This episode leaves us with so many questions: is Mephisto present in the series? Why is Vision seemingly acquiring awareness, if he is (supposedly) the only not real person in Wanda’s world? What is really going on in the real world, and is Wanda’s bubble really threatening it? Will she have a mental breakdown and shatter reality and start the Marvel multiverse as we all think? We don’t know the answer to these questions yet, but we do know something: we want to see more of it.
Leave your best theories about WandaVision in the comments section, I am looking forward to read them and eventually write an article just to discuss those!

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