Top 5 series – 2020

2020 was definitely not one of the best years yet, and even if we are not quite out of the tunnel we can look forward to 2021, hoping that normality is going to be brought back in our lives, finally. Not everything was so bad about 2020, though: here it is my top 5 ranking of the best series I watched during last year, along with some honourable mentions!

The Boys: The Dark Side of Superheroes

Amazon exclusive The Boys explores the evil side of the superheroes: what would you say if everything you have ever believed in was a lie? What if the superheroes you have ever admired weren't what they seem? The show based on Garth Ennis comic books series is a terrifying and bloody example of what can happen when superheroes aren't the good guys. Be aware that there will be SPOILERS!