The Umbrella Academy: Right Back Where We Started

Another season, another apocalypse. The Hargreeves family members are back and forced to face another doomsday, in a new setting and in a different year. Netflix's show brings back all the strong features of the first season and improves them, renewing all the weirdness and the emotional moments that distinguish The Umbrella Academy world. (Potential SPOILERS coming!)

The Old Guard: when a hero lives forever

The Netflix film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and starring Charlize Theron explores the lives of four immortal warriors trying to do some good. While bringing some freshness into the genre of superheroes, The Old Guard fails to ultimately deliver a completely innovative look on it by falling into some convention and cliches

Stranger Things: could THAT character be a clone?

As production on Netflix series Stranger Things is paused due to Covid-19 emergency, fans are coming up with theories about what is going to happen during season 4 and what is going to be the future of the main characters after the ending of last season. Be wary that there will be spoilers throughout the article, so if you haven't watched season 3 (and you should...) don't go on with the reading!