A The Last Of Us: Part II Experience

A personal experience of "The Last Of Us Part II, written as a sort of a letter to Ellie. A game that has become my favourite game ever and, with this article, my hope is to share with you some of the feelings I had while playing it.

To role-play or not to role-play: that is the question

From the start of the history of video games players have always tried to identify themselves with the main character of a game, and to determine certain choices based on their own personal feelings. The question is: is it always right to try to role play specific characters of specific games?

The Old Guard: when a hero lives forever

The Netflix film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and starring Charlize Theron explores the lives of four immortal warriors trying to do some good. While bringing some freshness into the genre of superheroes, The Old Guard fails to ultimately deliver a completely innovative look on it by falling into some convention and cliches